And so it all happened, the unexpected happened, yup I got married 😀

How was it and how is going?


Your world change upside down, that’s for sure!!!

The frustration that creeps more often than not stop, that’s the best part of the deal, and the start of new things you are unaware of 😛

You start to play concentration on your words hehehe, a single mistake of one word, will result in 30+ minutes of penalty in terms of reconciliation and explanation followed by something creative to subdued the effort.

So you start catching your tongue alot more hehehehe.

I personally thing, the meaning of marriage is different for every person, and it’s rightly so, there is no one definition or set of rules to define it’s rules, regulations, trick of trade, best policy statement, guidelines etc etc.

The best I can able to understand and explain about it is the wording of one sentence of Quran: “Your spouse is like cloth to you”

If we analyze and think deep upon the word cloth, and why it’s been mentioned in it. I am able to conclude that it has been rightly said.

From choosing a cloth to each and every step after it, marriage between a man and women takes the similar form. We choose to have one which suits best to our taste and liking. We choose it so that it can protect us. Now if we are sensitive and delicate we choose our clothing accordingly and we are rough and tough then it’s like wise.

Similarly when we wear it we either want to show to others or want to be proud of it or for other reasons. But one thing which makes the difference this cloth will remain with us for ever, we take care of it as if it remains the same way like the way it was and we should protect it from getting torn from thorn or from sitting at a place where we shouldn’t be. Marriage goes exactly the same way believe me.

Yesterday,  I was watching Grey’s Anatomy, and their was a scene in it, when  Doctor Yan’s (Please apologize me for the pronunciation :P) husband an another doctor working in the same hospital was talking with one of her colleague who happened to be his best friend and also has expressed she loved him. So he said to her and I love it. He said, now that I am married to Yan and even if I am talking to you, I felt that I am cheating on her.

I think it was the nail in the coffin thing for me, so rightly said by the author, and I got lost in it. I was lost in another planet, and I have some very good female friends which I know them for the past 11 years or so, and we are like very good friend and brother and sister. But I felt at that time, talking to them for whatever reasons, and God forbids for some reason I like something in them or they like something in me, it’s like cheating with my wife.

Marriage takes it’s own course and with different mindset, it grows and flourish like a tree sometimes it requires its branches to be cut so that it can become more stronger and beautiful and grow much taller, marriage goes through the same phase. These little tussle or misunderstandings or lack of caring on one part actually grows it’s relation. It helps the connection stronger and deeper, when one misses the other while the other don’t reply strongly or at the right time.

I felt I have changed in thoughts alot even since my marriage, I never read about pregnancy and parenting articles, but day before yesterday, someone posted something on facebook at my end, and I don’t know what happened I just started reading about it. Although it’s a far fledged thing at the moment, but I didn’t felt awkward the way I used to felt before.

Things change and things should change, that’s the point of life, that’s how life evolve and continues.

I give many blessings and prayers towards my wife, for being so tolerant towards me because of my hectic schedule and mood swings. I hope, wish and pray that we get to achieved in life what we destined to do together and that when on our dying bed we felt that we have done what we are supposed to do in this world. That’s my wish for my married life. InshaAllah Taalah (With the permission of God)

And lastly I would like to say that before the marriage, people at my end used to say that when you get married you will know what big mistake you done by not getting married. And I guess I realize what they meant now, it’s something that can’t be described but felt. Now I wish the same for everyone, it’s something beautiful and wonderful.

But what I would say, think deep on the saying of Quran “Your spouse is like a cloth to you” Ponder upon the word cloth, you will find a great source in choosing your life partner, since I must say it’s not an easy question to answer. But one thing from my experience, if someone is destined to come into your life, things goes automatically, you never know when things start and finish. The rest of it married life, goes according to the way you wanted to have from your partner.

“Your acts are dependent upon your intentions”

And it’s rightly so, just have to be honest with yourself and nothing else.





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