Pre – Wedding period

Yes, it’s been a long time writing on my blog, have been so busy in life, that I am failed to take out time for myself, specially when I got officially engaged hehehehe 😀

So how is the pre-wedding period? Heard alot about it, that this and that happened.

Well yes, this and that do happened lolz, but moreover, I guess you learn alot about yourself, You learn what really you are. Are you selfish, mean, courteous, open-hearted, talkative, creative, romantic and etc etc.

One thing for sure, you learn to compromise automatically, when you want to say alot, but kept quite and listen to the other person emotions and feelings, specially what the other person wants, you becomes more like the other person much less like yourself.

I am learning this thing, which I have been having a lacking lately.

The main thing in relationship in my books is that the both couple should be on the same platform, else it’s become difficult.

For me, my fiance has more or less the same mindset as I am, so it’s not much I have to say or understand, usually she reads my mind and I read her mind. Since we both are brought-up in the same way.

So thought to shed some light on this aspect of life. Really it’s a tough responsibility, but becomes easy if your life-partner, share the same mindset, ofcourse she and me are different but if the mindset is same, alot of things gets easy in the compromising part.

Wish me a very happy married life soon, InshaAllah Taalah ❤


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