Everything happened for a reason!!!

Wow, it’s been a crazy night yesterday, to know that I meant a world for someone and that someone love me and can wait for the rest of her life, if I said Yes.

And most of all to take you off guard just like that, when you are least expecting.

Really makes a person wild, but in my case, it was quite different.

I feel on the ground and was slightly hesitant to express my feeling, thinking whether I can be such a person that can change a world for someone.

I know myself very good, like really really good.

But to give that trust, guarantee, feeling, expression, emotions, understand and what not to a person you hardly came to know and didn’t met you personally.

Man this is something big, I was not expecting but I am a strong believer of the quote “Everything Happened For a Reason”

So I am holding myself and expecting the best out of this. I hope, wish and pray from the depth of my heart that the softness of my heart towards this paid off and what I expect from this lady and myself to be such a kind of spouse that I wish not for myself but what Allah Subhan Waa Taalah desires to be and what is expected for us it will come out very good for both of our sake, and we together make something good for the humanity at large and not for us only.

So whoever reads this, Please remember us in your prayers since we both will be needing it quite soon for a blessed and wonderful marriage!!!


4 Replies to “Everything happened for a reason!!!”

  1. Oh, WoW ! This is so unexpected ! Congratulations! ! I will pray that somehere in some part of the world, Saudi Arabia, someone will receive God’s blessings for a happy, blissful marriage ! ! I’ll be attending your marriage in my mind and prayers. Again, congratulations ! ! Whooo ! !

    1. Thanks alot, and Yes it was very unexpected, surprising and totally off guard. Like when you least expected and something jumps up to you and you wanted such thing to happened, it is that sort of thing. So I am happy, it has put smile on my face, a genuine one as well 🙂

      Don’t worry I will send you the card 🙂

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