Welcome Back!!!

Welcome back to me I believe overhere!!!

It’s been busy days at my end, first it was office pressure and as usual the lazy days surround it, then after that our Holy month “Ramadan” started followed by Eid vacation, which gave me much needed break to sit home in peace and relax and don’t think just sleep and being in full lazy dot com mode 😀

Now it’s been almost half a month since this dreamy time has gone, and now we have 9 month closing on our head in record time I believe for our organisation.

On a serious note, I seriously like to put that person on list of terrorist, who has advised the organisation to have monthly, 3 month, half yearly, 9 month and annual closing. Man it seriously CAA (Crime Against Accountant’s /Accountant’s family). Suffering so much, one month hardly ended the next comes on top, we don’t get real break like other department.

Anyway, whatever some how or other I am trying to match my passion with my profession which with the passage of time dwindled it out at a fast pace then ever before.

But this Ramadan was something special for me, It was like I was under the grip of Satan and suddenly it has gone from my world, and I enjoyed my prayers and other things so much like I never felt this way before.

There has been loads of things going with people around me as well, for some reason or others I don’t know why such bad things happened to all the good people, like how much they can keep on going with this. But thanks God, they are fighting and it gives me strength to help them out in those times. After all what friends are for!!!

Hey btw one good news, I finally got a call from the insurance dash people saying that my old car was fixed but I have to pay the cost for the two tyres and battery, I still on a battlefield with them, since it was due to car accident and they are the one liable for it. So lets see how things goes in this front!!!

Hope that I be more active now, since I deactivated my facebook account, wanted peace of mind rather than becoming mentally ill retarded person looking at the movement in the notification and recent activity bar 😛 😀

Take care and stay best



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