Something different.

I have been reading couple of blogs lately from different people, so thought to change something from my usual writeup.

I saw many people write beautifully about their daily activity or something exceptional happened, it was pleasant to read about it.

So thought to give it a try, after all this is my blog šŸ˜›

Well yesterday was a good day for me, I finish something in office which I was thinking that it will going to take atleast 1 week to finish it, since I have to send a country there repayment detail since the inception of my organisation till today, which is like above 30 years. But all praise to Almighty Allah I finished the task in 2 days.

So was very happy.

Then after a gap of more than 1 month since my major car accident I went to gym with my gym partner, and I stretch 1 mile brisk walk, 3 sets of abs work out 15 each, then finally did only 4 laps I guess in swimming pool. And Alhamdolillah I didn’t feel any pain in my back which is a cause of concern to me these days.

And now back to office full pump up and fresh!!!

That’s what I love the most after going to gym. You take one day at a time and at the end of the day you take alot more for yourself. I wish I will continue this routine without much gaps like before.

What else hmmm… Well nothing much, Ramadan is going to start tomorrow overhere, so the schedule will be slightly differently, praying hard that I change my soul in this blessed Holy month of ours.

It’s been tough lately at my end, loads of personal crap happened this year to me since last year, but I am still alive kicking my butts day in and day out. Trying to push the limits of my brain cell in accepting the pain.

Okay, off me go, too much private detail for one day from my side, usually keep things with me šŸ™‚


6 Replies to “Something different.”

  1. there is really something cool about finishing work early. i feel that rush too every time. i also love going to the gym! you are so right about the feeling! but primarily, these days i go to the gym so i can eat more food that i want! šŸ˜›

  2. It’s good to know you’re feeling great and healthy. I’ve heard though that drivers ” drive” really fast in Saudi Arabia. So, you must have been quite lucky to have survived the accident. Over here stateside, the speed limit on the freeways is like 75 m/h, that’s about 112 km/hr? not sure.. but is that fast too? I’m not familiar with kilometers and I know the US is the only country left stubbornly holding on to miles and pounds ,.feet and inches for measurements. lol

    1. Yeah they do drive really fast overhere, they don’t care about the traffic laws, the civic sense in the nationals are not that much unfortunately.

      O yes, I was very lucky you can say, had it been main highway, I might have been gone upstairs šŸ˜€

      It’s 120km not 112km, well normally on highway, I go to 140km (87mil) which is a manageable speed in my regards, keeping in regard the kind of cars we are having overhere,

      But I on a straight abandoned highway, I personally go to 160km (100mil) which is I know too much, but for a few minutes. I know it’s dangerous, but thanks God the car is very stable and you don’t feel that you are driving that fast.

      But since the accident, my courage has gone out, I don’t think I might hit that speed now, although it was not my fault, but I guess I have learned my lesson the hard way.

      O really, I didn’t know that fact that US is only left with odd one out šŸ˜› šŸ˜€

      1. Accidents happen in a split second, with you not knowing what really happened. No matter how stable the car is, it is still a prety dangerous speed. Life is precious,and that “high” we get from speed is not worth it if it would endanger our life. Take care then, and check out the speedometer! ! (^__^)#

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