6 Replies to “Forgive!!!”

  1. We might have forgotten the pain, but the memory will linger. That’s why, I have this policy of being careful with my words and deeds because the moment I throw them out , I won’t be able to take them back. We can’t always say, oooops , sorry. The problem is, the truth always hurts, but it’s okay to tell the truth as long as it isn’t meant to intentionally hurt. People do recognize the intent.

  2. You right renxkyoko 100% forgive and forget some one and event are not easy task! But life is still going on and lots more to do.But we can’t flash out our memories u right.

  3. It’s so hard for me to forgive. Even if I think I have forgiven, I still remember, and when I do, it still has the power to torment me ! I hate that. They say forgive and forget. But how can I forget? My memories are in my brain,… I cannot just delete them.

    Uhm, greetings from California.

    1. I am glad someone is on the same chapter as me, else knocking my head.

      You are right, how can one take those memories out of one’s mind, you cannot, and every time, I sit with myself, it echoes more and more!!!

      Glad to have your comment my new friend 🙂

      Greetings from Saudi Arabia

      1. I know right ? How can anyone forgive and forget? For example, even if the person who has done something bad to me becomes my best friend, there will always be that memory that will prevent me from giving her my complete trust. That’s the way it is.

        1. You are absolutely right, we can’t have complete trust, once a trust is gone, the flag is always up. Although I guess with a long passage of time we might forget it, but later on, if something happened that memory will haunt us and then the vicious cycle will be like saying “I’ll be back, didn’t i said it 🙂

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