The greatness of a Leader

AbuBakr Siddiqui Radhi Allah Taalah Anhau / May Allah Be Pleased with Him was the most close companion of the last Prophet of Allah / God Peace Be Upon Him. He was the first Amir ul Maumeneen / Leader of the group of the Muslims when Prophet Muhammad Sallal Lahu Waalahe Waasalam has left this world.

When he was about to die, he gave this will to his daughter Hazrat Ayesha Radhi Allah Taalah Anhau. This camel from whom we drink the milk, and this pot in which we cook and drink, and this piece of cloth that I am presently wearing. Except of these three things I don’t have anything from the Baitul Maal / Treasury of the State. We can utilize the benefit of these three things till I am the Leader of our Nation, after my demise you should had over these three things to my successor Hazrat Umer Radhi Allah Taalah Anhau.

After his demise these three things were handed over to Hazrat Umer Radhi Allah Taalah Anhau, Hazrat Umer Radhi Allah Taalah Anhau upon receiving these three things said “May Allah Subhan Waa Taalah / God have mercy over Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiqui Radhi Allah Taalah, He has put alot of labor / responsibility / accountability / benchmark over the shoulders of the coming leaders.”

Such are the people / leaders that Islam created out of it’s teachings. We don’t need such leaders because Islam wants everyone to be of such a character, so in short everyone will become a leader of him/herself respectively.

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