Life’s unpredictibility

Recently I came across some harsh experiences of life in one day. A very close friend of mine his brother in law was having tea with his friend that some terrorist open indiscriminate firing on the restaurant and he died on the spot. He was very young, and had 2 beautiful children. He had no political affiliation whatsoever. His only sin was, he was having tea in a cafe that has a name “Peshawar” on it.

He posses good moral character since he showed the best of manners towards his wife and towards his in – laws. Which tells alot about the person personality these days. Everyone was happy before this incident. May Allah Subhan Waa Taalah ease his grave, grant him Jannat -ul-Firdous / Paradise, and be easy on him in questioning and answering session in his grave, grant high level of patience, perseverance, strong will and determination towards his wife who has to carry the burden alone for a very long time. Ameen Summa Ameen Yaa Rabbil Aalameen

The other case happened to my colleague on the same day, one of their relatives were coming from Madina Munawarrah to perform Umrah to Makkah that one of the members died while on the road due to heart attack, and no one in the car knew he died after one hour when his wife realize that something is wrong since he always snore while sleeping, while his son was driving the car, he jolt his shoulder to wake him up, but he realized he died, upon reaching the hospital they came to know that he died about one hour ago.

However, Allah Subhan Waa Taalah has granted a big reward to him since he was in Ahram / A particular way of wearing clothes under Muslim tradition to perform certain prayers. My colleague went to help them out, all the people from hospital to the Masjid and to the graveyard helped them out exceptionally. Some scholars told my colleague that his reward is so much that from this time till the day of judgment he will be performing Umrah, and he will be wake up in this way in front of Allah Subhan Waa Taalah. My colleague said that we didn’t even get the chance to carry him to the graveyard. And it’s this exceptional case that overhere in Saudi Arabia they didn’t cover the face of the deceased so that everyone can see the face of the person who will go directly to Jannatul Firdous. May Allah Subhan Waa Taalah grant us such death Ameen Summa Ameen.

However these two cases give very harsh lessons to me, about the life unpredictability but more so it gives an important lesson that one should be in the good books of the people, so that when you leave this world, everyone remembers you about your good personality, nature, the way you deal with others, rather than what you did and what you didn’t. Because this a person take it to his grave.

I have my share of issues, and I think about myself, whether I can be amongst such people who will be remembered in such a way that people remember that we should have a life the way I have lived. I doubt and I have big question mark towards it.

It’s not being negative about myself, it’s like a wake up call, so that I should correct myself and get my act together. Fighting to keep it going and self improve myself is the key in this case I believe. Since someone suggested me, when things don’t go the way you wanted then take each day at a time. And when I remain consistent in those thing that’s when I get the desired result.

I pray that I become such, for whom people who didn’t know much about them, or met personally got depressed, prayed for them and seek that they become of such character. Ameen Summa Ameen.

One Reply to “Life’s unpredictibility”

  1. “The stronger the faith you have the more difficult the tests/trials you will face, but if you see the hidden blessings of the difficult trials then you have the potential to increase your wisdom, increase your faith and develop your personal character so be happy when ALLAH (SWT) tests you with difficulties as He has given you an opportunity to get closer to Him through the trials. ALLAH is the Most Wise.”
    So be approachable and think in right manner!

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