Random Thoughts – A day strategy Wednesday, March 23 2011 – 9:19AM

When things don’t work out after every strategy has failed, I guess the best strategy would be to take things on a day to day basis.

Win for each day, fight for each day, survive for each day, live for each day and achieve and win for each day.

Each day win will be the achievement for the life time, whether that achievement is small or big.

Each day achievement is like crossing a milestone.

Each day achievement will InshaAllah become a source of accomplishment, joy and confidence building.

It’s based on the concept that when you can’t run, one should walk and when you can’t walk you crawl and when you can’t crawl take one step at a time and stop and when you can’t do that then try to stand in your position and when you can’t do that even then try to stand still.

I think it’s the best strategy on any given day, when everything falls apart or is falling.

I need to do that, to survive, to breath again!!!

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