Relationship and Thread

I read somewhere that relationship build like this: Acquaintance, Respect, Like and Love.

I agree to it immediately, when I read it. Because it seems logical and practical in all way. But later on, I started thinking about it.

And said to myself what kept it going. My answer stop at one word “Trust”.

Trust is that thread or rope that ties the knot from Acquaintance to Respect to Like to Love. It depends upon each relationship how strong this thread / rope really is. Every trust some how or then is tested one day or the another. By testing I mean it is stretched to it’s limits. Since like a thread / rope it is there to hold on the things for which it exist the trust also goes like the same way around.

Without the trust element the relationship didn’t exist at all. We will be stranger. Similarly, when a thread or a rope is cut in between sometimes, we tie it again. This is the crucial test of all the relationship in my regard, as this tie-ing back again depends in my regards on a number of factors.

It depends how strong we have tried to tie the broken thread / rope back, and how strong this thread / rope really is to sustain the pressure it is bound to tie.

And so I guess the relationship goes like this. Back and forth in all weather, the same thread / rope will create wonders even if it is joined with pieces or with tie-ing up again with another knot or piece of thread to patch this rope of relationship.

One Reply to “Relationship and Thread”

  1. You cannot always wait for the perfect time, sometimes you must dare to jump.And make effort to save your relationship. The key to motivation is motive to return trust and gain trust. In any relationship to bring trust back do things quickly as you understands things.

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