Wish I was home today,
Wish I was be with someone,
Wish I was meant for someone,
Wish I was that I meant to be,
Wish I was the person that God ought me to be,
Wish I had everything,
Wish I just had You in my life,
Wish I make a day of your life everyday,
Wish I was someone that will make your head high,
Wish is just a wish, but it’s the willingness and determination that kept me going, even when I am down, even I let myself down a million times but then get up once, even when people left me without understanding me, even without talking to me. I can never forget or might forgive myself what I make people felt, when they are annoyed. So I wish to be me with me. Happy and content with what I am who I am why I am, because deep down I know what I am supposed to do, which others don’t want to understand. So I just make myself understand it, and talk to myself, because I guess no one understands one’s language except yourself.

2 Replies to “Wish”

  1. I WORLD LIKE TO AddSOME SENTENCE I HOPE yOU NEver Feel bad,”Relationship doesn’t get closer by meetings and wishing, its sweetened by thought, so care u r surround in u r own ways, You will never know, Perhaps they will never show.”

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