List of happiness

Recently i got my confirmation in the organization i am working in before the stipulated time period of probation.

I was indeed very happy, because not only i am now a permanent employee and not a contract staff but will be whole sole member of an Islamic organization.

But i was thinking one thing after this what’s next, when i am going to get the next good news.

So i said to myself why i am waiting for it why not i work to get my next good news. I decided to list down things that in my books will give me good news to me. It could be small or big doesnt matter.

I guess my mind is starting to get more independent then ever before.

But i think it better to be like this. Atleast i can occupy my mind while i am alone.

P.S: I still have to make that list so i guess the first list of good news is to make that list. 😉 😀

6 Replies to “List of happiness”

  1. We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”So be in yours self You will get more happiness insAllah.

  2. Bohut bohut mubark shahzad.******* Mein ne teri ankhon mein nazar paida ki hai
    Mein ne teray zameer ke andar naya jahan takhliq kia hai
    Sham e mashriq khwabeeda hai magar mein ne sitaron ki maujudagi mein
    Apnay sarood e zindagani se sahar paida kar di hai

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