I stumbled upon a quote couple of days, which I have shared in one of my post:

“Motivation keeps us moving, while determination keeps us going”

I was sitting in my office today, waiting for the system to start, that my mind goes towards this quote again. And I was wondering it’s significance on my present status of life.

I realized I always have motivation to do the things, and some of them like sports and social activities I have the determination to keep me going in whatever I am doing through thick and thin.

However most of the things, I tried to be very determined to finish the task, lies either unattended or left in the middle. I was wondering upon those. As far as the motivation part is concerned with the grace of Almighty Allah I am blessed to have plenty of it. But when it comes to the determination part. I am lacking for some reason.

And it’s this determination part that I need to focus on, really hard, it’s the one thing which separates me from achieving my desired result.

I personally believe this determination part lies in the core belief of one interest in the specific task. How much we are willing to go for it and achieve it. Its sort of aligning our mind and heart together towards the said activity / objective / goal / motive.

Usually our mind gets motivated to do a thing which generate stimulus in our heart and when the heart and mind combine together it spark us to carry on, however we need fuel in the shape of determination to keep us going. Now 2 – 3 question arises in this:

– Do we want to race to the finish line or go steady in reaching the goal.

– What type of fuel is required, Like petrol and engine oil

For the first question, I think it depends, sometimes in the race of life we have to achieve somethings and put the foot on the paddle like examination or purchase a new car or some other things. While in other cases we need to know our finish line and move towards it slowly and gradually for eg Job, Promotion, keeping one upto date to the latest technology and new developments professionally and otherwise and etc etc.

Our life is like a road and we are like car, there will be bumps, straight road, zig zag curve, uphill and downhill. We need to drove this car as smoothly, safely as possible.

For the second question, this is the difficult one to answer. I think it has got many answers and not one can be the best answer to all. it depends upon case to case and from different circumstances to different and individual person.

Long time ago I attended a workshop when I was starting my professional career as accountant. The person said, he gets the inspiration / determination to keep going by being close with the person he believe is an idol for him, to whom he can look up whenever he wanted to.

Now it can be possible that if you are really lucky enough you will find one person who can sort out all your issues whether it relates to your life, professionally or otherwise, however I personally believe we need to find different people in this regard like one for professional life, other for religion, generally, sport, cooking etc etc.

A person who can inspires you, these days it’s hard to find one, but when you do, you stick to that person like heaven. A person who motivates you to keep you going, a person who is honest in his/ her opinion towards that. These days honesty is a rare commodity but still you can find it. So better not take a chance have 2 – 3 people next to you. This will be our fuel which will act as determination, whenever we fall short of it, we just refill it at the petrol station whenever we wanted. However we are wandering on a long journey we better keep that in mind that the next petrol station will be quite far away.

With all this I think we need to break our life into segments, because in one of my post “Unanswered Question” I mentioned that one has to sometimes break his solutions into different manner / pieces in order to understand and solve it. So I guess personally I would like to break my activities into the following segments so that I can focus on it individually rather than collectively:

– Professionally

  • Education
  • Job / Career development

– Religion

– Social activities

– Sports

  • Squash
  • Body Building
  • Swimming
  • Injuries / Medical fitness
  • Martial Arts

– General

  • Books
  • Car
  • Computer Games
  • Interior Decoration
  • Guns
  • Interesting and creative things. eg Internet and alike.

I think with this it pretty much sums up everything I do, However I think I need to be more thorough in my list rather being more general, to be more practical and productive.

For this I would dearly love to have honest, sincere, and wisely input from those who read it.

Hope, expect, wish and pray that this post would find some benefit towards you in any regard.

The views in this post are of my own, any relationship in any other article, book or post is totally coincidence, you are most welcome to share my view with anyone. I don’t believe on copyright or patent rights. Since life is a gift to me by the Creator and it’s a gift from me to return HIS favor upon me towards His other creations.


4 Replies to “Determination!!!”

  1. Hmm. the difference between motivation and determination. This is a tricky one.

    I think the quote you are talking about is this one:

    ” Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal, a commitment to excellence, that will enable you to attain the success you seek.”- Mario Andretti

    Initially i thought that motivation and determination mean more or less the same thing. However, in retrospect, i think i may be for eg. motivated to start working out, but it only be my determination which can make me stick at it for a long time.

    Similarly, i may be motivated to start a project, but it will only be my determination which ensures that i execute it until the very end.

    I may be motivated by an extrinsic event, but since that aspect is extrinsic, i may not be able to carry out in the long term. However, if the same thing for which i am motivated touches an aspect of my inner core values, dreams or aspirations, then i will be more than determined to carry this out in the long term.


    Hope it made sense.

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