Unanswered Questions!!!

Sometimes we seek our answers and our comfort which are within our grasp, people who are near to us, but we get it from unknown sources or a least expected person.

I come up to this observation recently, I was trying to figure out a solution to a problem which I was working on in my office, and I was knocking my head everywhere, then someone advice me, why don’t you look into this area.

The solution was running in my mind that I have to perform this and this and this an excel formula but in fact it was not the case, it was completely something else.

Our life unanswered questions sometimes comes in this way, we try to seek it from the people with whom we are near too, or whom we trust, our trusted, reliable, ever green solution, ever dependable person etc etc. But the answers comes from our wildest imagination.

I think that’s the beautify of the life as well. It’s one of the principles of life which kept the life on the planet rolling. We seek relationship based on our different criteria, rules, principles and belief but we end up having the comfort from people we didn’t know at all. The best example being marriage. We end up hooked to a person whom we don’t know at all.

And person gives the unanswered questions through out our life. And so we continue on!!!

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