Random Thoughts!!! – Dec 6, 2010 9:34AM

Sometimes we feel that it’s the circumstances outside of our domain that forces us to act and be in the situation where we are, yes apparently it is the case, but if we look deep most of this has the trigger button started by us.

Recently I went through somethings, and I was seeking the answers to it, why I have been given this responsibility, then it struck my mind the cause effect of it.

So note to myself, every action has some reaction specially in a professional, competitive life in which we live.

We don’t exactly get what we wanted because of these change circumstances but we can get what we want if our goals, direction, focus and determination are clear.

Each of these goals, direction, focus and determination alongwith consistency has separate meaning that in order to survive we need to understand it in depth, learn it and practice it to it’s full.

How much we want these again depends upon determination and self belief of one’s objective in life.

I prepare my 10, 5, 3 and 1 year goals and objective for myself. And strive to achieve it to it’s fullest, lately these gone astray out of the acceptable level of mine.

Reason being I have gone through some psychological phase of my life, where I moved from being a youth to some what more adult. And I was trying to get hold of it. With these changes brings new challenges psychologically, physically and most of all it includes the result of the things I did till now.

So by carefully looking into my past life, I was seeking, searching and figuring out what are my SWOT analysis. Where do I stand physically, psychologically, professionally, morally, religiously and in general.

This analysis was required much before but unfortunately I didn’t made it. Now since I done it I get to know how much I have to work for the lost time and what to work on.

And so I start my new phase of life, with more knowledge, vision and experience. Hoping the coming days will be much less volatile as it has been in the past. So that this ship of mine float smoothly in the times to come, when time stops when you wanted to run and you can’t.

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