Random Thoughts…. Dec 6, 2010 2:35PM

Sometimes it happens that people answer your question that you already know the answer but some how or the other you tend to love it when you listen it from someone, it increases  the worth of it.

I was talking with someone couple of minutes back generally after a meeting.

The person said, “Shahzad, if we kept this in our mind, that whatever we are going to do it, it’s for Allah’s sake, when we are coming to office, do anything in office, and going back and etc etc your vision, focus and concentration changes accordingly. I have done it, you should try it as well”

I was quite for a very long time, perhaps this answers alot of unanswered questions for which I already know the answer, but I guess my brain is too tired to speak out aloud for me these days.

Note to self: Start jolting or put blog-post to remember it for future reference.

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