Random Thoughts Nov 29, 2010 8:06AM

There is no “I” but “We”.

There is no “We” but “From”.

When we moved from I to From our world changes, the prospective of life changes, the attitude, desires, wishes, expectations, wants, goals and desires changes.

The “We” is the people we are surrounded with or interact with, no person on the earth can live alone, we all are created for each other.

The scale of “Want” to “Expectation” changes everything. “Want” being on the positive bar while “Expectation” being on the negative bar.

Our interaction / dealing / communication/behavior/ attitude / mentality / brought up moves up in this bar from positive to negative and from person to person and also from situation to situation.

The “From” part is the advance stage of our being, when we place everything in God’s hand. It’s the stage when nothing seems to matter to You whatever comes to your end. It’s the attitude/ mental mind set/ behavior/ prospective / characteristics that becomes beyond explanation not only in the books of the others but also for that person as well.

It’s the level when the person going through can only felt and get the answer, since that level is best understood / negotiated / deal with directly with His / Her creator.

Which is the reason that no one can explain what is it all about. For others, sometimes it makes sense sometimes it didn’t.

When one moved from the “We” to “From” everything is being looked from one prospective only, to please Him, the manner, form and will again goes out from person to person.

Not one way is perfect and also not many, it’s one that comes from the heart and soul and not from desires and wishes.

You makes one step towards Him, He comes back to you much more closer. And it’s that closeness that one felt, which takes him / her away from “We” to “From”.

And that’s when everything changes!!!

8 Replies to “Random Thoughts Nov 29, 2010 8:06AM”

  1. کبھی ہم فطرت کے ہر پردے کو چاک کر دیتے ہیں
    اور دوست کا بے باکانہ نظارہ کرتے ہیں (معراج کی طرف اشارہ ہے)
    مشت خاک کے سر میں یہ کیا سودا سمایا ہے?
    اسی سودے سے تو اس کا اندروں روشن ہے
    …Sometimes we tear every veil of Nature,
    And boldly see His beautiful face.
    What fancy has this handful of dust?
    It is due to this fancy that his inner self is illumined

  2. Its difficult because some times u could not find real destination and You can’t able to come closer to some one due to ego and situation fairly You madly want that person/ destination and u r objective goals. But u can’t afford and bear condition. So i be aware of that Your thinking its difficult but not unsure and uncertain .

    1. Your question about destination depends upon what you call destination. This world or the hereafter. If your destination is the gain of this world then surely one can never find it. Why we cannot find it because this destination keeps on moving, once we set a path, it changes it’s direction. So one cannot hold it.

      Your second question one can’t able to come closer to someone. That’s what I said change from “We” to “From” then you won’t be asking this question. When we change our stance, we uphold everything instead. No person stands tall on us. We look all of them through one eye, even if they don’t come to our bargain what we see they don’t see. Our heart sees one thing and that’s our madness.

      This madness needs to grow, which I wanted. Look above to all. See from eyes which no one sees, hear what You don’t hear.

      I see things differently, when one looks above this. Nothing matters, nothing bothers to You.

      Kill the self, my new statement of life “Break yourself to set yourself free”.

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