Random Thought Nov 28, 2010 11:49AM

A tree which is crooked gives the most shade.

As I observe one tree outside my apartment the other day.

Such trees, started crooked but then different branches root out, standing tall against each other and so on and so forth. Give shades to whoever comes to which branch.

I guess I am having the same character, a crooked character, dealing in different situations / things all the time.

6 Replies to “Random Thought Nov 28, 2010 11:49AM”

  1. I am finding something new at my end, something that I didn’t thought about before till now.

    That new person, would not be the one from heart and soul. Yet he becomes the warrior of his old past.

    A warrior that continued to fight his past. As long as he alive.

    Freedom he wanted from it and freedom he will get

  2. نہ وہ ہمارے بغیر، نہ ہم اُس کے بغیر۔ یہ کیا صورت حال ہے?
    ہمارا فراق، فراق اندر وصال ہے
    جُدائی آدم خاکی کو نگاہ عطا کرتی ہے
    یہ تنکے کو پہاڑ کی سطوت عطا کرتی ہے

    …Neither He without us, nor we without Him! How strange!
    Our separation is separation-in-union
    Separation gives to this dust (i.e. man) an insight,
    It gives the weight of a mountain to a straw

  3. You are right it is myself that lead me to my worst, It has lead me to blame myself, it has lead me to my own self destruction, it has lead me to the worst I can’t imagine, it has lead me not to forgive myself as what I did to me and to others.

    It is the same one who lost himself, it is the same one who has lost trust in people.

    And yes it is the same one who has turned his dusk into dawn in the eyes of others, but for himself he is the most pathetic person that he can imagined, a person who can’t stare in his eyes. A person so strong for the outside world but inside he is nothing more than like thin ice.

  4. This for u.
    لیکن یہی فراق اسے ترقی کے کے مدارج بھی طے کراتا ہے
    فراق نے اسے اتنا صاحب نظر کر دیا ہے
    کہ اس نے اپنے فراق کی رات کو اپنے لئے سحر بنا لیا
    گلشن راز جدید
    What a nice fancy that he bewails in separation
    And yet he grows and develops through it.
    This separation developed in him such a spiritual insight,
    That he turned his dusk into a dawn

    1. I grew up with this verse:

      Baarah duniyaa may rahau ghum zaada yaa shaad rahau
      Aisaa kuch kaar kay chalau yaahan kay bohat yaad rahau

      All this world is froth and bubble two things remains unchanged, kindness in others trouble and courage in your own.

      I wish I have changed myself from dusk to dawn. But I am no body!!!

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