Small things with big impact!!!

Someone send me a C.V of someone who was looking for a job, the said person got the qualification but didn’t have the right qualification for the post the person is looking for.

I suggested that the said person should learn typing skill, although the said person has done Masters in Economics.

The person who has send me the C.V replied that the said person is not looking for secretarial job but some lower level job in xyz department.

When I suggested something to someone it reminds me of the Saying of the Last Prophet of Allah / God Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him, that suggestion that one gives is like a trust or something that is kept as a custody towards you. So give suggestion with diligence, it is something that you will be questioned.

I based my suggestion on 2 things, in 2008 I was suffering from being directionless and lack of motivation professionally. So someone send me an email of Steve Job Interview he gave in a college. He recalls that when he was in college he took calligraphy courses and was sure to wasting the precious money of his foster parents on such courses, little or no use can be assessed of the course he was taking, but he wanted too and he did.

And later on after 25 – 30 years he utilized that skill when he was launching “Apple”.

The second basis of my suggestion was from my own personal experience. I started using computers since 86 – 87 from 1990 and onwards I took almost all the courses when Windows 1.1 to all the way Windows 97 was launched in Ms. Word, Excel, Powerpoint and alike. When I started my professional career as Chartered accountancy, I was drilled down that I got the knowledge but not the speed.

So I personally learned at home typing skill, it augment me in my career tremendously. Why and How?

Why, I realized that I was not that good in accountancy and audit initially and I need time to pick the things, and with my slow speed I was taking aweful lot of time to finish my task. My seniors were very hard upon me and seriously they were. Which led to the question, How?

How, So I thought by learning this skill I was able to reduce the lead time in finishing the work, as with the speed I got more time on concentrating on my work, was getting more confidence with it and moreover it helped me so much that my seniors used to take me to difficult audits as by that time I was able to finish much more quickly the task and responsibilities I was assigned.

It helped me so much that being in one of the Big 4 audit firms, and usually it took 3 – 3.5 years to become a senior at that time, I was promoted, even though I was not qualified ahead of my batch mates in 2.5 years. And everyone was jealous. It was not only because of my hard efforts and extra long hours, but I think as I suggested to the person this skill. I realized that small no of minutes I input at the initial stage of my career has really did wonders.

I praise Allah today for giving me that guidance at that time and always InshaAllah. So that I continue dominating everything I do as MashaAllah, Alhamdolillah and InshaAllah I always had and be more consistent with the passage of time.

So note to self and to everyone, never underestimate anything and any skill. Even if you are a qualified and working at a good position a small low key skill can bring you something that you can hardly imagine, if not personally, then in motivating others to do it which will indirectly help you.

That’s the message from me today.

Please feel free to copy, share and spread this message, I am against copy right laws, as I advocate freedom of thought I don’t like commercialism and copyright reflect that. If someone copy, share and spread it, my objective is served. As my objective is not money but to reflect upon life.

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