Looking from a different angle!!!

Recently I came across 2 things in life, which I think has been BIG SIGNALS for me to think carefully about my life as to how ungrateful I have been recently and telling me:

“Slow down, Watch out what has been given / provided to You”

Thought to share with you all.

So here it goes, experiences and the respective signal:


I went to a trip, I drove alone for 800 km, driving since 9 in the morning reached at 12 in the night, continuous driving, stopped in the middle for lunch for 30 – 45 min and for 5 – 10 minutes prayers back in the middle.

During which I encountered straight highway rides, where I was driving at 140km, and uphill and downhill where I was driving at 60km or even less and on one way traffic highway.

On such single way traffic highway I narrowly escaped from two fatal accidents, one was while driving on this single way traffic, on the curve a truck was overtaking and we both didn’t know at all about it that we each are running into each other, since it was a curve, I narrowly escaped from that one. I don’t know what saved me at that speed else I would have been a sticker under his wheel. Realizing the speed he and me was coming.

2nd incident, I blame myself for it was my mistake, on the same road, I thought the opposite side vehicle was very far away, but due to my fatigue I judged wrong and when i overtake the vehicle the opposite side car flew past me and I realized I made a wrong decision.

However Alhamdolillah (Praise to Almighty Allah) I got saved from these major accidents during this long and tiring driving of 15 hours non-stop and got home safely. All happy and content with the journey except for this.


I came back from this trip on Thursday night at 12A.M, the following morning I went for my Friday prayers and for lunch, as I was returning home after that, I was driving straight and a person without looking at the back, reverse the car and hit me while I was crossing him.

It took apart my front bumper and damage the side of the car pretty much.

And I was like thinking I got saved from two major accident now why on earth this has to happened I was like really cursing myself and grudging.

Then I said perhaps it’s a charity of my car and of myself. Having this little accident instead of the big one, and Allah Subhan Waa Taalah / God must have protected me from something much more horrible and big on my part.

– The Second Experience:

I am having these days SAP training as my organisation is going to implement it soon,  and I am having big time reservation with regard to its training given to us and what and how it is being implemented.

I was having a discussion with my friend and was grudging and discussing it regarding it on a professional point of view.

– The Second Signal:

My friend said “U r lucky that atleast u r getting training even for one day. I have started SAP from day 1 and haven’t got any training as yet”

That stopped me from everything and I realized how un-thankful we become sometimes as to what we are getting in our daily life, without realizing the consequences of it.

Always asking for more and more and this and that.

I remember one quote in this regard from the Leader of Pakistan, who made Pakistan, Quaid -e – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah: “I don’t take the right decisions, I take the decision and made it right”

Alot of things comes in our life and we start our grudges and why this or that, but we never stopped and see what if we didn’t get even this or much worst.

Sometimes I even forget my own principles of life, amongst one of them is “Think of the worst and do for the good” This has been my policy statement since childhood and it has been my rule no 1. I presume for my actions and communications to others.

So I like to say a big thank to my Creator, for blessing me with everything for every suffering I got, I am sure it has avoided me from something much bigger with that pain and suffering, and whatever suffering I got some of them happened to be from my own consequences which resulted in me getting into those troubles.


Recently I came across 2 things in life, which I think has been BIG SIGNALS for me.

“Slow down, Watch out what has been given / provided to You”

So thought to share with you all.

My first of these experiences and the respective signal:


I went to a trip, I drove alone for 800 km,


3 Replies to “Looking from a different angle!!!”

  1. I don’t agree on this, there are some things like I said which are above one’s power of decision.

    And so it was the case in this one, I don’t have the decision power to stop the accident or to stop grudging about how my training or the system implementation was going.

    I take the things the way it comes in.

    So I think what you said is a bit different what it should be.

  2. I would like to adding this also,i hope You agree some how.Using the power of decision gives you the capacity to get past any excuse to change any and every part of your life in an instant.

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