Recently after more over 3 years on facebook having 1800+ friends from around the world, I deleted my profile permanently.

Right now it’s the first few hours of the aftermath of my decision, being an addicted face-book user, I find myself now empty not because what I did. But as to how to proceed next to my goals I have set forth for myself.

How to proceed in practical life when facebook has took it, to a point that on daily basis I got around 100+notifications from the comments I send and posted as status, around 10+ emails I got from groups I have joined in and mostly 20-25+ emails from different people for different things.

I met so many wonderful people that I could hardly able to know them and they become so close that I could hardly imagine. People regretting that I was leaving as if they came to know that I am dying tomorrow.

But to be honest with you, it wasn’t that bad at all. I was wondering I might be having 100+ emails but I didn’t, and that it was a hard decision to do it.

And in the end, I did.

So here I am, not knowing what to do, and what not to do. I am alive passing another routine day of my life. Hoping I get along with myself forever. Stay besides me, concentrate on things I wanted to achieve, purchase a good Canon / Nixon camera and travel to different destinations around the world. Capture the world from my eyes.

However, I came to the conclusion of my decision, that one should never allow anyone or anything to rule you, keep changing the equations of life, leave everything and start again. It’s hard, it’s tough, it’s madness, it’s craziness but in the end you will love the charm of starting things afresh, keep the wheel of life going into something exciting.

That’s my philosophy of life – Keeping moving forward never stop even when tired keep the mind ticking as if you are moving, ultimately you never know when you drop down and move to the other world.

9 Replies to “Facebook”

  1. Ohh I’m glad that you are a book lover too like me πŸ™‚
    I’m into Islamic Books right now.. I’m reading Al-Qarni’s “Don’t Be Sad” and F.Aljhoury’s “Who Is Allah” but I also into Romantic Novels like “The Wild Baron” and “Always is not Forever”.

    This are the Links to Don’t Be Sad:
    http://www.dont-be-sad-alqarni.com/ (But I love reading it on the Book)

    and to Who is Allah:
    http://www.islam-message.com/ (I also have the Book)

    MashaAllah you have such a great and interesting Hobby Brother.. I hope to learn Photography in the near future πŸ™‚

    1. That’s great and wonderful thanks, the below list I have mentioned are the subjects are looked when I go for books. So interest comes automatically.

      Photography comes recently, it started when I got my first mobile camera. I think I always wanted to capture the moments.

      So I tried with whatever I get my hands on.

      Thanks for the links will read and let you know.

      Have you read Sealed Nectar, it’s also a good informative book on Islam. I find it quite interesting. Don’t have the e-link for it.

  2. Alhamdulillah, I’m glad that things are starting to do well in your part.. I understand you very much Brother, being hooked up in one thing is very difficult to overcome especially when it has become part of your system and daily life.. But I’m really glad for you, you’ve overcome it (though it’s too early to say this but at least you’re starting to do so) and I wished for your total recovery (lol as if you are sick.. hehe) …

    It’s really difficult at the beginning especially in your condition – you’re alone – but just keep still with your determination and I know all the things you wished to fix and change will happen in due time..

    if you have such plenty of time and you wished to spend it righteously, why not read books?? Are you somehow a book lover?? Reading is fun plus it will give you wisdom, peace and will enhance your concentration and patience.. and of course it will give you insights that you may used in your everyday life.. (Nowadays I’m fun of reading books as a means of occupying my time and That I won’t be tempted to reactivate my FB account.. hehe)..

    And Brother if you need someone to talk to I’m available πŸ™‚ Loneliness can brings depression..

    1. Yeah I am book lover, not should I be labelled as a book worm, but I read alot of ebooks and other books on various subject, and I think it’s the result what you see in my status and post.

      I will be posting some things which I read from different books.

      Which books are you into btw?

      I am into religion, accounting, motivation, leadership, team work, thriller, action, sports, Life, Guns, Martial Arts and combat books and ofcourse my body building as well πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ lol

      Yeah I know, I can count on people like you to talk too, I was lately very impressed with you status.

      Do let me know which books you are reading and if you have ebook of some kind do send me the link.

      Will look forward towards it.

    2. But these days my passion is going from reading to doing photography, it was my childhood passion to do it, alongwith travelling so will mainly be concentrating on it.

      And keep it going. Mainly I love to do nature and wild life rather than of people or of myself.

      So will look some post of mine in the future relating to this area, InshaAllah Taalah.

  3. At first, I thought deleting your facebook account is a bad idea and maybe you’re being hasty in your decision then at second thought I realize there must be a very big reason behind this action of yours.. that you’re in a stage that you need to fixed things all up by yourself (alone).. I as well left facebook, but unlike yours it’s only temporary.

    For a Facebook hooked like the two of us, it needs courage and strong determination to leave it.. and I think we’re now on the process of doing and achieving our goals; goals to prioritize certain things firsts and to fixed things up that I believe facebook have become a part of it’s destruction..

    InshaAllah we can achieved this goalS of ours πŸ™‚

    1. Yes Sarjaani, It is getting really hard day by day, to focus on things, life is changed alot after facebook. I do so many things that one can hardly imagine, and now I got so much time that I am thinking what to do with it lol.

      I still have to work on my priorities, these days are just dumbo type at my end.

      Cracking my head everywhere, I guess being lonely has to do with it, since facebook was an escape goat for me, which I used it with positive change, thoughts and direction. But I guess it took me as an addiction and then let me carried away with it. And ultimately I didn’t have a practical life at all.

      I want to meet people, cherish it, enjoying the surroundings and all that, but I guess I was not getting where I wanted. My yearly goals screwed up year after year which I set for myself. And kept on delaying and it comes to point that it become bottleneck for me.

      Alhamdolillah, now it’s a past, I am willing to move forward, but I need to find something else to kill me being alone at my end.

      Hope you will keep loving my post, and stay in touch.

      Let me know if I can be of any assistance towards you.

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