Have we ever thought about this….

Assalamo Alaykum Waa Rehmatullah e Waa Barakatuhu

Aazo Billah e Menash Saitaan Nir Rajeem

Bismillah Hir Rehman Nir Raheem

We always talk about when it comes to Islam, about reading Quran and Salah / prayer/ Namaz, and other things that we should be like this or that, or we should be doing this.

But did we ever thought about why even we thought about, plan about it, have very good intentions still we can’t able to deliver it. We found that we have the spirit and energy but after a while it goes away. Why it’s not the way as it should be, why it’s not the way as it was for the Companion of Last Prophet Muhammad Sallal Lahu Waalahe Waasalam.

Why, is it because we didn’t read Quran or we don’t pray properly Salah/ Namaz / Prayer or is it something else?

What is it that satan has done so well that we don’t put attention at all on it, yet it so important that everything run from it. If that is done with purity and honesty all other things will run smoothly, it’s like fuel for the car. If fuel for the car is of substandard quality or the oil filter then the car will not perform the way it should, it will start missing, it will not run the way it should be, it’s pick up will be slow.

So what is that one thing that keeping us from the way we should be……!!!!

It’s none other than knowing about HALAL AND HARAM

We read so much about different aspect of Islam but can anyone, i meant to say ANYONE with loud words tell me any hadees or Quranic saying about HALAL  and HARAM.

I doubt anyone would tell me about it, we can tell Quranic saying and Ahadees about different rights and obligations, about 5 obligation and this and that, but we might not able to come up one single Quranic saying about Halal and Haram.

Such important part of life yet satan has done so much to blind our heart, soul and mind that we don’t seek about it. And it is because of this reason that we often find ourselves in a situation that we wanted to do so much in life but yet we become helpless. Our efforts / intentions and spirits fades away endlessly. We lose focus and concentration. We say we are going to do it later or next time and I will not do it again and again we do it again and again.

Let me tell you one small story how important it is, my whole body shivers when I heard about it from a friend of mine. I hope we pay attention on this thing, more than anything else, because if we don’t then you can imagine, for our other acts what the result of it going to be.

A scholar came to another scholar house to meet him, the scholar son came to the house and with greeting the scholar with Assalamo Alaykum Waa Rehmatullah e Waa Barakatuhu went into the house.

The scholar who was the guest said to the other scholar, that I think this son is not yours, the scholar went to his wife and said that you broke my trust and you must have slept with someone else because of this reason.

The wife kept on arguing that she has been loyal to her and to no one else, however the scholar kept on insisting that it’s not the case, yet the argument continued for weeks.

Since she was the scholar wife so she must have the same blessings of Allah as his husband have. She said, “I remember now, what might be the issue”, she said, once you came home and was very hungry and asking for food, so in hurry as we don’t have coal at that time to cook the food, I took / steal a coal from my neighbor without permission and cooked on it. I think since I stole it and it was not cooked on Halal fire I think that’s the reason of it that we had a son whose manners are like this.

Have we ever thought about this……………….

We blame our parents, children, elders, leaders, society, rulers, scholars, teachers and this and that. But did we ever ever ever thought about this.

If not then think about it, on a war footing basis, search about it, change your life style, your children and the coming generation rest upon it.

And remember satan will always be on top of you to stop You from doing it. So beware, it’s so important that he never let us think about this aspect of Islam.

If we are not having Halal ways of income to feed our stomach then we are not going to have the fruit of it as well. And it will come out in one way or another.

4 Replies to “Have we ever thought about this….”

  1. Yes. First we should have to know the basics.. the Halal and the Haram cause it’s one of the foundation of becoming a good and obedient Muslim besides the 5 pillars.. It’s not only about food but it is about everything that Allah has ordained to us to do and the acts that has forbidden or prohibited to us.. We should be cautious and knowledgeable about this things.. cause if we are ignorant and naive, we might not know that we had violated the rules of Allah..

  2. Yes. First we should have to know the basics.. the Halal and the Haram cause it’s one of the foundation of becoming a good and obedient Muslim besides the 5 pillars..

  3. love this post of yours 😉
    Lack of faith to our creator, Allah (S.W.T.) which makes Satan closed to us.. We are easily been deceived on the beauty of this world that we often forget that this is not our final destination; that a better life is waiting for us in the hereafter..

    1. Thanks Sarijaani. What we take in will show the result of it. If we don’t know what is Halal and Haram then how can take out the desired result.

      Our first step is to ensure that we are having Halal in our stomach.

      Halal in the sense of source of income and in the food type as well. We only concentrate usually on the type but not the source.

      Which is as much important as the type.

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