The way we take our thoughts, opinions and decisions are similar to coin, Just when the coin spins back and forth and side way, our thoughts, opinions and decision moves in the similar fashion between positive and negative take. And so we gamble on it, but one thing which changes in it, is that if you ask from God the positive you will always gets the positive.

Even if it’s negative thoughts, opinions or decisions, just like a toss to loss even it can become a good toss to loss after all.

Our attitude, approach and mindset makes all the difference towards it.

We need both in our life to balance ours…elves, we can’t have only Heads or Tails to live by, but just like we can loss a toss and win we can change a negative to a positive result and a positive thought, decision or opinion to negative result.

These views are of Shahzad S. Janjuah, you are allowed to share it at your end. I am a supporter of free world, free thoughts and freedom of life.

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