Train Ride

We are on a train ride alone.
Alot of people came alongwith me
Some left, some waiting and some added along the way
Don’t know how long this track will last or the distance
But hope that I find my stop soon.
Along the way many come by.
Some looked at me,
With some we chat
While some don’t bothered and left in their own world
Those who met, I loved to talk to them
Some replied me back and talked about ourselves.
Some just listen, some just talkedAll of them left something on my mind
A memory to cherish this moment of life
But the hardest are those who came alongwith me or joined me in the middle
Left without saying goodbye,
cursing me,
I wasn’t the person I should be with
I wish that either I never met them
Or If we did we just look at each other and go by
But now we met, I wish, they come back,
That I ask them
why they let me make them hate me
And so my train of life goes ahead
Waiting for many others to come by
And many others to go by
Till I leave them to met the one
Whom I supposed to meet when I reach my destination.
But then in the middle I ask myself
Am I in the right train!!!

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