The virtues of good people along your side

Just couple of minute back, I was having one after another some strings of comments on facebook with a friend of mine.

He was very annoyed with some group of people posting Un-Islamic material at his end, inspite his best efforts to tell them in detail about the truth.

So after his repeated efforts he had it enough and decided to delete such people from his list of friends, I tried to calm him down, but he has his own valid reason, on which i don’t comment.

But the lesson I learnt from all this, when you have good people at your end, some how or the other it brings out good into you.

I was having this same feeling yesterday, and I have posted on my facebook status that I will going to delete all the people who love posting bollywood songs and alike.

On which I got + and – comments, but right now after having this string of comments on my friends side, I posted something, I said:


The virtues of good people along my side is that I was able to remind myself this great teaching of Islam, and I have to follow the same principle myself as well. Which we tend to forget it, had we are with other group of people, so it’s very important that you should have a good set of people along your side always, they will bring out good into you and nothing less than that.

I praise Allah Subhan Waa Taalah on this gift that He has bestowed upon me, in the shape of some very good people around me in practical life and in this virtual world of internet.

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