Simple things in current state of affairs.

I credit this post to Ms. S. Mirza who encouraged me to post it on my blog. Thank you.

Also I would like to thank Mr. Amin and Ms. Saadia in inputting some very valid comments and would like others to input their valid thoughts into this.

I have originally posted this on my face book profile:

– Amil Bil Maaroof Waa Nahe Anil Munkar (Give instructions / order to do good deeds and protect yourself from evil)
– Say full regards / salam (Assalamo Alaykum Waa Rehmatullah e Waa Barakatuhu) “May Peace, Mercy and Blessing be upon you”
– Recite Bismillah Hir Rehman Nir Raheem before we proceed any work.
– Be in Wadhu / Ablution all the time.
– Take loads and loads of care of your neighbor, the revolution starts from small, first from home then towards your neighbor, if you want a change in the society start taking care of your neighbors irrespective they are Muslims or not, Prophet Muhammad Sallal Lahu Waalahe Waasalam (Peace Be Upon Him) used to take care of their neighbor and ask for their well being, and it’s the manners that has changed the people heart.

Added by Br. Muhammad Amin Dandia:

– The tafseer / interpretation of Surah / Ayat Asar “rough translation, Allah swears by the time, that all the people are at a loss, except for the ones who believed and did good deeds, enjoined others towards righteousness and made sabr (the nearest english word would be perseverence or patience)”.

Added by Sis. Sadia

– Always have this at the back of your mind that Allah Subhan Waa Taalah / God is watching you, whether you are walking, sitting or anything, He is watching you and you are answerable to Him and to no one else. This fear will help in everything whether it’s relating to our self improvement and towards our dealing with others in our daily routine.

-If we want to change the society as a whole, we need to follow simple things as I and others have mentioned above and not being complicated into other things.

Elders say it, if after all the efforts you can’t figure out the problem then go the basic.

However in the end I would like to conclude with the comment of my dear friend Mj Stelmach:

“Small acts of kindness and small good deeds add up, like grains of sand that make a beach. One is never to poor or disabled to do one little good work or say a kind word.”
These thoughts are of my own – Shahzad S. Janjua unless where expressly mentioned the name.

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