Change in life

If you want change in your life, follow these rules:

– Throw your Television set immediately.

-Give full salam to other “Assalamo Alaykum Waa Rehmatullah e Waa Barakatuhu” May Allah send His peace, blessing and mercy upon you”

– Start living a simple life, so that if tomorrow you are living on street you won’t have any regrets.

– Read Quran with translation atleast twice in your life.

– Write things that you wanted to do, why you wanted to do it, and what you are going to achieve from it and how you are going to do it.

– Get pleasure from simple things, when one gets old try to make things simple.

– Preach what you practice.

– If you wanted to do 7 things at a time, start with the one which requires the least possible effort first.

These are some of the random thoughts of mine.


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