On Friday August 20, 2010 I got 3 heart wrecking events back to back. First it was the Sialkot incident in which 2 young Hafiz e Quran brothers where innocently murdered by our own citizen in ruthless manner, I saw the video of it and my heart pounded away, it sunk million a miles deep somewhere, not to get up again.

It remind me now of a hadith which one scholar told me, the context of which is “When the days of judgment are near the scholars will be butchered like dogs”.

Then later in the afternoon I got a call from a very close friend of mine, we were doing something together, I got a massive financial and social loss in that project because of someone we hired, who badly tarnish mine and my friend reputation in front of someone. Not to mention the financial loss I have suffered as a result of it, he told me that at the same time we have hired someone else as well, who was going to be supervised by my friend.

This person was a 5 times prayers and as per acts got fear of Allah and has showed us that he is pious person, my friend told me to my and his shock and surprise that he is involved in fraud in that project. He told me in depth what went on that has come to the conclusion.

I got so heart wrecked that I lost trust on that day on people. And believe me or not it was not the emotional scene that led me, it was actual events that happened that make me lost my trust on people.

I said to myself, that day, is this what I was planning to do, to bring change in people life, when people lost their morality, that they can take the life of someone on someone call, that they can sell their faith by falsehood and that no one is going to catch them.

Why should I bother to go and change the lives of others, not in the sense that to become a mullah or enforcer but what I believe the change in life which it should be.

I lost that spirits that day, and after a very long time, I lost hope, I lost my self believe and thus I lost myself that day.

All my prayers that day I was kept on thinking what should I do. How should change myself. What is my plan B.

I didn’t get the answer, and I ended the day, with severe pain in my head.

The next day Allah Subhan Waa Taalah gave me the answer to my question.

Make way for others who are helpless, bring change to those who can’t. Rise above the challenge even though you don’t see the shore nearby. I met some people that need me, I did what I could.

Small things makes bring differences, like one of my face-book friend advised me “When you grow old, take things simple”.

And so I did that day, although I was led down by some, but Allah showed me that there are plenty more who don’t have voice, who don’t have arms, who don’t have courage to come forward. I have gave everything to You. Go and make the change, this is the highest level of Iman as per Islam.

A note to self and for others:

Life will continue to serve you opportunity to do something for someone, Even everything it present to You, it is giving you something for the future. What life gives you now, it depends how you mold it, and what you make of it. Ultimately life takes you what it was supposed to give You.

Think for a while how you are living, what are the consequences of what you are doing now, what better it serves you or the people who will depend on you sooner or later. If you think and believe that no one is dependable on you, then think big, the society does depends on what you do.

Remember Prophet Muhammad Sallal Lahu Waalahe Waasalam said another thing about the level of faith, that the highest being such that a couple will be having intimacy in public, and  a person will come and say to them please do it behind this wall. This is the highest faith person.

Our generation which is below us, hardly knows besides the 2 Kalimas any other Kalima or I guess hardly knows that how many are there, we as a present generation has huge responsibility on our shoulder. The coming generation will be under more illiteracy then us. We have to wake up for them, we have to work for them we have to suffer us for them. We have to save them, it’s our responsibility not anyone else.

If we have managed to save one girl we save plenty from her.

So tactfully and carefully the right scholars has been taken out of our lives that we cannot imagine what best they would have done had they been alive, the books are wiped out of the shelves. Go and try to find an authentic and a well researched book on any Sahabee of Prophet Muhammad Sallal Lahu Waalahe Waasalam, you will not find it, for this I can bet any amount you want.

Generally you will find plenty of it, but I am saying in depth in any bookstore of Pakistan. You will not find it, I have tried it and did my research. So you can imagine the sensitivity of the issue. These are the people who has really implemented the Islam, and they are taken out of the shelves.

We need to open our eyes and think through, what lies ahead of us. Plan now your life if you can, because if you don’t the coming generation won’t have anything to place their feet.

One Reply to “Heartwrecked”

  1. Hi,
    Shahzad bhiya…. u delete me in u r f.b why?
    and YouRS note its very good. Bhiya i can say only If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.
    App apni care kare aur main ajj kul bohut ziadha busy ho job main aur ramzan main is liye time di paiya main apni care kare …..Aur app naraz hain tu maff kardi apni small se bhai ko.

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