My visit to Taif

Assalamo Alaykum Waa Rehmatullah e Waa Barakatuhu

First of all, I like to thank to all the people who has visited repeatedly since my status update on Facebook and waiting patiently for my real first blog on this medium of communication. So a big thank to all of you.

Second, I will dedicate to Aunty Parveen Hamid for this, for encouraging me to take writing on a serious front. Although initially, I was so afraid, but then gradually with her words of encouragement and appreciation I finally broke the chain of lost of self confidence, and begin writing profoundly. Thank you Aunty jee for always cheering and supporting me. I wish I would have met you long time ago.

So here I begin my first blog, after the ritual trailers šŸ™‚

I was planning to write this first blog on the coming weekend, had in pipeline some topic that I had in my mind. But then on Wednesday, July 7th my friend and now like a brother Samiullah Musa called me late at around 6:00 pm that why don’t we make a program for Taif (a city in Saudi Arabia, near to Makkah around 100 km and 200 km approximately from Jeddah – a hill resort). We have already were thinking to visit it, but it was just a random thought on my mind. But his voice on phone with enthusiasm, excitement and willingness can’t make me think otherwise, which I was so willing to do with someone, but didn’t able to find someone to accompany.

This visit although happened to be for 2 days, but it has gave me some very life changing experiences to think, to ponder upon and to really consider some facts upon myself as to what to change in myself, so I thought it should be my first blog and to share this feeling with everyone.

So on such short notice we decided to go to Taif on Thursday early in the morning, since we just know that if we follow the route to Makkah then a billboard sign indicating the direction toward Taif will come, keep on following the route and you will reach the place.

That’s all we have in our mind, it’s a hill resort, and that there is water sport park with chair lifts as well. Which is the main idea behind this whole journey.

So Alhamdolillah (All praise and blessing to the Almighty Allah/God) we able to reach the place without asking for guidance from anyone.

By the time we reach to Taif, it was afternoon and after finding, with little effort, the Chair lift area the Zuhr prayers (mid-afternoon prayers) was about to call in, so we decided to head straight to a near by masjid and since there is plenty of time when Chair lift will start so by that time we will finish our prayers and lunch.

This was the first point of reflection which has made this visit so inspiring, captivating, mind blowing and will kept me in memory for a long time not for the purpose of having fun but what I have personally discovered.

As we enter the Masjid / Mosque/ Prayer Area we are amongst the very first comers over there, I sat 2 places besides the Muazzin (Deputy to the Imam/2nd to the cleric who will start the prayers so that we prayers behind him) place, my t-shirt went a bit high as to show my back area, after I finished my prayers, I realized this point, as I was about to put back the t-shirt the person next to me, was a Saudi Arab, although I didn’t understand what he spoke to me in Arabic exactly, but I get the context what he was trying to say, which was that I should be careful about having my t-shirt comes out from the back, since it’s the area that should be covered all the time for Muslim men and women.

The reason for writing in detail is due to the fact, that the way, this person approached me with a smile and although he and me both know that I don’t understand Arabic, the way he addressed the issue to me, the smile on his face so that I don’t feel offended, or it might put me in disgrace, take my heart away with him.

The Farz (main prayers in congregation) started, after it finished I shake his hands and again the way he met me took me into nostalgia, The Imam, the way he offered this prayers was itself a mystical prayer in itself, very calmly, softly and gently by taking ample time he finished the prayers, with all this nostalgia surrounded around me, one can imagine what I was going through and so the feeling inside me took me into another world.

I started my duaa / prayer and I just kept on going and going, and it didn’t stopped, it went so long that all the other people almost finished the rest of the prayers that I was able to complete my duaa.

The person who was a stranger showed me the power of being a Muslim, read long time back that a Muslim is such that his manner is such that people used to embrace Islam just by meeting this person. Such a kind of long lasting impression that person has placed on my heart. And it will make me wonder for the rest of my life as to how I can become a person like him.

After coming out of this nostalgia and having fun in the park, me and my friend along with a friend of my friend who joined us late in the night that we should go and look out for a hotel accommodation.

We went to one hotel but all his occupancy was fully booked, so I was looking for a hotel and it end me up to one guest house type hotel, a luxurious one. I told my friend to go and check it out while in the meantime I go and park the car.

By the time I enter the lobby of the place, my friend said that it’s not possible since it’s only for family and not for bachelors but he said wait someone is helping us to find it.

So I met this person Brother Mahmood Sanki from Saudi Arabia – Makkah, my 2nd nostalgic experience on this trip, I asked his name and introduce myself, he asked me where I was working and which nationality I belong, since he was speaking in English so it was a sign of relief for me talking to him and having all the help I can get in.

Br. Mahmood Sanki, said that come on I will come with you in finding a place, it was very strange on account for the three of us, that a Saudi was so hospitable like this, never I have heard it, although with the blessing of Almighty Allah, I have able to find some very good people since coming to Saudi Arabia.

But he was very different, so he accompanied us to the down town area, and on his own started talking to different guest houses lobby alongwith my friend to negotiate a room for us, since none of us can speak so much Arabic as to negotiate it, so he was our negotiator, he kept on going to 2 places but to no avail, then by foot he started walking to another place by himself in order that we trio would be able to find a good place.

Finally he was able to find one, and then having a little bit of understanding I realize that he is seriously negotiating with this person on price and kept on pushing this guy till he said that this is the final offer from him. To which we all accept humbly.

Then, further on, on my request as to what will be available near by for dinner, on that account he by foot took us to the down town market and introduce us to the shop keepers and tell them they are from Pakistan and are here from Jeddah, please be good to them, I know them well, something like that.

Me and along all my friends were in total nostalgia by this time.

It’s very rare to have this experience, I must say.

The next day on Friday, we went to Hazrat Abdullah Bin Abbass Razi Allah Taalah Anhau (May Allah Subhan Waa Taalah be pleased with Him) masjid / mosque alongwith his grave to give our respect to Him.

We reach the masjid / mosque at around 11:10 AM and the call for the Friday segregation will going to start at around 12:35 P.M to my surprise the first 2 rows of the congregation was fully occupied such that you can’t find a single place. Which makes me full nostalgia by this time if something is left out.

There is so much reward for the people sitting in the first row of the congregation, that a context of a hadith / saying of Prophet Muhammad Sallal Lahu Waalahe Waasalam that Allah Subhan Waa Taalah showers His maximum blessing to the first row people then to the next row then divide it randomly.

The remembrance of this hadith and what I was observing makes me lost.

This was the 3rd encounter of inspiration on this trip.

After finishing the prayers, as I was about to sit in my car, I saw a Saudi putting his lunch in his car, so I asked him if he can direct me where would be the highway for Jeddah. Although he didn’t know English, but somehow he explained to me the place.

As I was about to drove my car, he signal me to lower down the window, and guess what he said, he said that if you don’t understand, don’t worry, I will direct you to the highway. On this I was falling in love with the people of Taif. This was my fourth nostalgic experience

And I said that after Madina I believe these are the best people I met in my life.

The reason for putting down so much detail, is to describe one, what I have experienced, but secondly and most importantly to give this message.

After meeting with these 3 people, I realized that personally, generally and on average we don’t follow our religion at all or that much, Islam is such a religion that if one practice properly, people will attract to you, without asking for being praise worthy, these 3 people I encountered showed me this important lesson.

And so it should be my first blog.

We are living in some life that is not changing our life at all, but more importantly it’s not serving the passage of one important aspect of being a Muslim.

No more Prophet are going to come in this world, we are the messengers of peace and humanity in this world. But we are leading such a life that others are not appealed to us at all, so if we try to talk about any good deeds it has not that force behind that so as to carry the message of blessing towards the others.

I read that when Muslims enter the region of Turkmenistan and all this region to spread Islam, the people living over there starting saying that see Muslims are coming, beware they are barbarous people they are this or that, but when they met the Muslims, they realize that it was all propaganda and so the whole of this region embraced Islam.

We need to seriously focus on our life, that as to how we should change our life that when anyone met us, for couple of minutes, that it will send us ever lasting impression on our life that the other person started to think twice about his /her life. That yes, I am not living a life as it should be and that there is something Islam offers, that it has got the truth that I read but now I am seeing that same magic in this person.

This should be our goal, agenda, objective, purpose of life.

And so with this I started this world of blog, as to how to change our life in such a way, as it will give an ever lasting message on the soul and memory of other person life, that Yes I met a person, who was very different, to whom when I met I said to myself that Yes, there is something in Islam I am not following and he is following and this is the reason Allah Subhan Waa Taalah / God has been so kind of him.

That one look or few words change the life of the other.

I pray in the end to close this elaborate note, hope, wishing and praying dearly that I be such a person, and if I can change with my future blogs anyone, it will make my source to Jannatul Firdous / The highest grade of heaven:

“O Allah Subhan Waa Taalah Waa Kareem Waa Ghafoor give me the right direction at the right time for and with the right people with the right knowledge and wisdom in the right quantity and quality, for the right cause, purpose and path, with the right strength, determination, courage, consistency, power and will for this world and here after, and protect me, my family, my friends, family and Muslim brothers and sisters from shatan and it’s treachery, dajjal and the fitnaas of dajjal, give in me, my family, my relatives and my friends and all the muslim brothers and sisters life, wealth, health time, activities, knowledge, thought, sleep and in faith Your blessing, mercy, grace and kindness, and give all us Jannatul Firdous and protect us from Jahannum / Hell Fire, and protect me from lies, back bitting, ego, finger pointing, boasting, pride, Shirk/accompanying anyone with God and hippocracy and let me do some work that will be a source of pleasure for You. You are the all know er, the all forgiver, the all praise worthy and the all giver and without Your permission nothing is possible or attainable and forgive my sins that I did intentional and unintentionally, the sins which You knows better than me, and for sure You know better than all of the creation that You created, and also that sins that I am going to commit that only You knows and no one else. Please forgive me, Please forgive me, Please forgive meĀ  Ameen Summa Ameen Yaa Rabbil Aalaameen.

6 Replies to “My visit to Taif”

  1. i like your story, brother shahzad ^_^ wish i could write as good as this… wish i could visit Taif one day…

    1. InshaAllah Taalah my sister, when you and Hina come here for Umra / Hajj I will take you, if you have time to spare 2 days from those days.

      Well I still need to do alot of editing, wrote it in a hurry. So it’s basically a first draft.

      JazakAllah Khair for liking it.

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